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 Hi. My name in Joe Finstrom and I am the owner of Peachy Gnome. Peachy Gnome is a professional audio studio located in Minneapolis, MN offering audio production, recording, and mastering services.

There is a lot that goes into making music. From inspiration to concept, scratch recordings to production, from mixing  to mastering, from post production to distribution and beyond there are countless details in the making. There is something fundamentally human about bringing that original ethereal series of synapses into the world as a song, jingle, or album. Sometimes that’s all there is to it. Sometimes it’s about something more; transcendence, growth, and becoming. Music is an incredibly powerful and significant medium. It informs us and communicates beyond our words. It can lead to personal revelation and connections while influencing society. When looking back it educates, inspires and ties us to our shared humanity. It grounds us to the present moment and bring great joy. 

My work as a musician, audio engineer and producer is about connecting, communicating, and celebrating the greater message that is music. It’s about listening, understanding, and making choices that shape the future. I am constantly evolving as a listener and growing my skillset through experience and experimentation. Curiosity guides my understanding of sound and music. Every artist and every track is different. I take my time to connect with clients and check my work.

My love of music informs my humanity. It is a source of energy and creativity. I love everything about it. Like so many people, music expands my world and gives meaning to my life. 

My formal education comes from The Institute of Production and Recording where I received an AAS in Audio Production and Engineering. I also hold a BA from Augsburg University in Music and Music Business with a minor in Studio Art and Graphic Design. I am an active member of the Audio Engineering Society. Peachy Gnome is an Apple Digital Masters certified studio.